A note from Artist and Designer ~ JLynn

Life is short...so I encourage you to take time to appreciate and enjoy all the amazing, little things in your life.  Your choices in what you wear, and what you surround yourself with, have an impact on your outlook in life - so I hope you choose things that bring a smile to your face and make you feel good!

My Art, Jewelry, and Decor pieces are all created with lots of color, inspirational patterns, and emotions - all of which are shared and sold online.  Since I'm a big fan of education, I also love to share the creative process, and in 2024, will be offering a variety of DIY projects and Tutorials through my social groups, and the sharing of prior published pieces/tutorials from National & International Magazines.

Thank you for stopping by - be happy!

Jewelry, Art, and Home Decor for the heart, Mind & soul

~ Jewelry designs with a delicate, feminine style and heirloom appeal

All individually Handcrafted to express feelings of unconditional Love & Happiness 

~Colorful and Whimsical Art Pieces for the Dreamers

~Rustic Talismans for those in need of comfort and support during challenging times,

~Decor collections that symbolize the four seasons, Five Senses, and add vitality to Your living and work spaces