Artist and Designer ~ JLynn

Lover of colors, nature, and kaleidoscopes.  I'm an Artisan passionate about creating sentimental jewelry.     I love inspiring others through my artwork, jewelry, and DIY projects - along with the many published pieces and Tutorials that I've been honored to share in both National and International Jewelry Magazines.

Jewelry to me...is simply an extension of our own being and state of mind - a sweet form of personal expression.   Making people happy, and creating jewelry that connects us with the many facets in life is one of my specialities - and I love taking the time needed to ensure my jewelry reflects that.  

Time flies - so appreciate all the little things in life and be happy!

Jewelry for the heart, Mind & soul

~ Unique, Contemporary designs that have a delicate and feminine style with heirloom appeal

~ Art Jewelry Handcrafted to express feelings of unconditional Love, Happiness, and sweet memories of the past

~ Whimsical pieces for the dreamers

~ Rustic Talismans for comfort and support during challenging timES

~ Nature inspired collections that symbolize the four seasons, and the magestic beauty of the mountains, ocean, Land & skY